Queensland Social Enterprise Sector
Stand-up Project (SESP)

In 2019, the English Family Foundation provided funding for the ‘Sector Stand-up Project’ (SESP). The project backbone is provided by Queensland Social Enterprise Council, with support from Yunus Centre at Griffith University.

Substance and outputs from the project are directed and owned by a ‘Navigators Group’ of influencers, support organisations and representative bodies.

The Sector Stand-up Project is:

  • Raising the profile of social enterprise as a creator of social and economic value, and strengthening the case for investment into sector development.
  • Engaging and connecting the diverse range of actors active in social enterprise.
  • Facilitating the development of a coherent, representative and ambitious growth strategy for social enterprise and impact-led business in Queensland.

Mapping Queensland's Social Innovation Ecosystem

One of the SESP’s key outcomes is the mapping of Queensland’s social innovation landscape, identifying the state’s wide array of organisations engaged in social impact, innovation, and enterprise activities, along with national and international providers whose offerings are accessible to Queensland entities. This information is now available for viewing. 

You can also download the SESP report here.

How the Queensland Social Enterprise Stand-up Project started

In 2018, people involved and interested in improving support and connectivity for social enterprise in QLD held a series of discussions.

The outcome was to create a sector-led process to explore how to grow & strengthen social enterprise in QLD.

Our program applies lessons learned from international examples and undertakes a process based on connecting and learning.

We know there is intrinsic value in self-organising and sharing perspectives and ideas, and we will constructively respond and engage with State Government’s plans to improve engagement with and support for social enterprise.

Good policy and practice outcomes are achieved when the SE (social enterprise) sector works constructively with government to co-produce strategy.

Stand-up deliverables for social enterprises and impact-led business across Queensland

1. Engage QLD organisations and individuals who employ social enterprise approaches to achieve their objectives

2. Strengthen and expand networks to connect locally and across regions

3. Capture key data on social enterprise activity and appraise the value created by the sector

4. Foster dialogue with and between the full range of organisations engaged in social enterprise to identify common goals, needs, interests and opportunities

5. Synthesise information & insights and articulate a representative vision and direction for growth

6. Constructively engage with Government and other stakeholders to co-produce a coherent sector strategy

Stand-up Project Process

(over 6 months)


Navigators Group

Convene SESP Navigators Group - influencers, representatives & intermediaries to oversee and guide process.

Data Capture

Design & collect data on enterprise activity. Undertake ecosystem mapping.


Host multiple conversations around key issues and opportunities for action.


Build Networks

Support & catalyse new regional groups & peer networks. Anchor with QSEC or appropriate body.

Integrate for Action

Synthesise discussions, data and insights to draw out common interests, goals and recommendations for action.


Produce SESP reports, action plans and proposals and engage with stakeholders.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Created a roadmap of 6 tasks to guide the project over the next 5 months (to end 2019).
  • Designed digital online platforms to support the project and foster online-discussions amongst key social enterprise influencers and actors, called the Navigators Group.
  • Invited 97 Social Enterprise actors from across Queensland to join the Navigators Group, of which 75 have agreed so far to participate in this dynamic process.
  • Confirmed a date/venue for the Unconference. [Past event, held in 2019]

Image L-R: Jamil, Emma-Kate, Gaala, Alex, Crystal, Rena


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