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  • 01 August 2023 1:06 PM | Anonymous

    The Tivoli Social Enterprises Limited is an Ipswich organisation that has trained more than 550 unemployed people or high school students and has raised more than $380,000 for local groups and charities since 2008 through its Tivoli Community and Events Centre program.

    Last week the Queensland Government recognised this commendable work in its 2023 Queensland Training Awards by awarding Tivoli Social Enterprise with the Community Training Initiative of the Year for their Tivoli Community and Events Centre program.

    Tivoli Social Enterprise is one of the 11 regional winners from Brisbane and Ipswich that have been announced in the 62nd Queensland Training Awards.

    “Congratulations to Tivoli Social Enterprises Limited which was awarded Community Training Initiative of the Year for their Tivoli Community and Events Centre program that provides entertainment, food and welfare support for the Ipswich community,” said Minister for Training and Skills Development Di Farmer.

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  • 01 August 2023 9:54 AM | Anonymous

    More than $39.6 million toward the next Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative in 2023-24 has been announced.

    The funds will support 162 projects and assist more than 5300 Queenslanders across the state for skills development, training and job opportunities for the unemployed, disengaged or disadvantaged Queenslanders through a suite of targeted skills and training programs.

    The next round of Skilling Queenslanders for Work is now open.

    Applications for the 2023–24 second funding round close at 5pm on Thursday 21 September 2023.

    For more information about Skilling Queenslanders for Work, go to the below links:

  • 27 July 2023 10:21 AM | Anonymous

    Public transport service Transdev has started a trial at its Sydney Light Rail and Sydney and Queensland bus operations to recycle old uniforms.

    Clean technology company BlockTexx operates Australia’s only commercial-scale textile recovery facility, which uses a patent-pending chemical process to break down polyester-cotton blended fabrics.

    The recovered cellulose can then be used to make textiles, paints, hydromulch, concrete and more. The recovered polyester is used to make textiles and in injection moulding for playground equipment and coat hangers.

    Brian Brennan, Transdev Chief Executive Officer, said the new partnership was another practical way Transdev was acting on sustainability, innovation and social enterprise.

    “Recycling old uniforms, which would otherwise be dumped, is much more sustainable. And using a more innovative process to recover higher-grade fibres with the help of a social enterprise with supported workers, just makes sense,” Brennan said.

    It’s the pursuit of technology-driven ideals that sits well with Adrian Jones, co-founder of BlockTexx.

    “BlockTexx closes the loop of unwanted clothing and textiles by diverting these materials from landfill. Through our advanced remanufacturing processes textiles are given a second life.

    “We’ve also partnered with social impact organisation HELP Enterprises. Their skilled workforce completed the pre-processing by removing labels, buttons and zippers from the uniforms.”

    Read the post here - congratulations HELP Enterprises!

  • 27 July 2023 10:06 AM | Anonymous

    Full Circle Fibres are beyond excited to be one of three inaugural projects funded by the Country Road Climate Fund, Australia’s first fashion industry climate fund.

    Mud to Marle is an industry collaboration led by Full Circle Fibres, a B Corp certified social enterprise, alongside Deakin University and local fibre producers including Geelong Textiles; Ridgehaven, NSW (wool grower); and Australian Super Cotton, QLD (cotton grower).

    Mud to Marle will focus on turning lower value wool fibre into a high value product by combining it with premium cotton. The project will pilot and test proof of concept end-to-end on-shore manufacturing, including spinning, knitting, weaving and dyeing in Australia.

    Circularity and climate is central to this project, which in addition to using ‘lower value,’ wool fibres, will support local production and low impact production methods. The long-term aim of this project is to grow on-shore manufacturing capabilities and circular production systems within Australia.

    Read more at the blog post here!

  • 26 July 2023 10:55 AM | Anonymous

    For Brisbane and Cairns people...

    There's a subsidized opportunity for organisations or individuals to attend Dr Ruth Knight's Social Impact Evaluation Principles and Practices QUT course.

    This course aims to provide a broad overview of key skills relating to evaluation and impact measurement whilst equipping participants with the skills to foster a learning culture, where evaluation is used to prove and improve the impact of programs and services.

    Check out more below:

  • 25 July 2023 4:12 PM | Anonymous

    The Australian Govt is seeking your views on the development and implementation of the Industry Growth Program.

    The Industry Growth Program is designed to support innovative small and medium enterprises to commercialise ideas and expand their businesses.

    The program will complement the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) by driving early-stage investment in NRF priority areas:

    • value-add in resources

    • value-add in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries

    • transport

    • medical science

    • renewables and low emission technologies

    • defence capability

    • enabling capabilities.

    The program will take an agile and industry-led approach. Key features will include:

    • Industry Growth Program Advisers

    • access to industry-led specialist advisory services from industry partner organisations

    • grant funding for eligible projects.

    The Govt would like your advice on further elements, including:

    • eligibility criteria for businesses and projects

    • diversity and inclusion

    • industry partner organisations

    • governance and grant assessment

    • program design to meet intended outcomes

    • post-program reporting obligations

    • alignment with other initiatives.

    Your response will inform final program design and help:

    • maximise the value participants gain from the advisory service

    • improve the application process

    • ensure data collation is optimised for program insights and impact evaluation

    • ensure support is targeted where most needed and impactful

    • prepare clear guidelines for program proponents

    • consider diversity and inclusion impacts.

    Consultation documents

    More information

  • 25 July 2023 11:27 AM | Anonymous

    The $4 million Strategic Initiatives Program is part of the $15 million Queensland Innovation Precincts and Places (QIPP) Fund.

    Funding is available to eligible organisations to support coordination and collaboration in the innovation economy and accelerate the development of innovation places.

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  • 21 July 2023 3:49 PM | Anonymous

    Measuring What Matters is Australia’s first national wellbeing framework that will track our progress towards a more healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous Australia.

    The Measuring What Matters Framework (Framework) has five wellbeing themes:

    • Healthy: A society in which people feel well and are in good physical and mental health, can access services when they need, and have the information they require to take action to improve their health.
    • Secure: A society where people live peacefully, feel safe, have financial security and access to housing.
    • Sustainable: A society that sustainably uses natural and financial resources, protects and repairs the environment and builds resilience to combat challenges.
    • Cohesive: A society that supports connections with family, friends and the community, values diversity, and promotes belonging and culture.
    • Prosperous: A society that has a dynamic, strong economy, invests in people’s skills and education, and provides broad opportunities for employment and well-paid, secure jobs.

    Inclusion, equity and fairness are cross-cutting dimensions of the Framework.

    These themes of the Framework are supported by 12 dimensions that describe aspects of the wellbeing themes and 50 key indicators, to monitor and track progress, which will be updated over time.

    READ the Framework: 


  • 20 July 2023 5:15 PM | Anonymous
    Helping Queensland businesses get match-fit for Brisbane 2032

    The Queensland Government today released a three-step ‘Ready, set, go!’ game plan to help Queensland businesses get ‘match fit’ to supply to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    The Q2032 Procurement Strategy (Q2032) aims to help businesses win contracts to supply to the Queensland Government, other suppliers and the world market before, during and after the Games.

    Brisbane 2032 is Queensland’s greatest single economic event with an estimated $180 billion in procurement opportunities to 2032. The successful Buy Queensland approach will ensure the economic benefits of hosting the Games are maximised and shared among Queenslanders.

    By getting your business match-fit, you can not only bid for Brisbane 2032 contracts but also for broader Queensland Government and local, interstate and overseas contracts.

    Under the Q2032, the Queensland Government will help you to get:

    • Develop the MyGamesPlan tool
    • Publish and implement the Queensland 2032 Small Business Procurement Action Plan
    • Appoint a Q2032 Small Business Procurement Advisor
    • Publish the Queensland Government Forward Procurement Pipeline incorporating Games related-opportunities
    • Build on the Small Business Friendly Program
    • Publish guidance on certifications and qualifications supporting Climate Positive supply
    • Through the Buy Queensland approach and the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy Review, establish settings to prioritise procurement with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses
    • Publish an annual Q2032 Procurement Update
    • Establish the Q2032 Industry Advisory Group
    • Deliver regional Q2032 Roadshows
    • Build collaboration across supply chains
    • Publish Games-related open tenders on a new QTenders platform
    • Profile local suppliers at international events
    • Deliver the Go Global Export Program
    • Deliver the New Markets Program.
    Start your training now for Brisbane 2032 by:
    • Checking out the Business Queensland website for details about how to supply to the Queensland Government.
    • Registering for QTenders, the Queensland Government’s single tendering website. Check for local government procurement opportunities at Local Buy and Australian Government opportunities at Austender.
    • Participating in business information sessions on tendering for government.
    • Developing a business capability statement that outlines the technical skills, competencies and experience that positions your business above others.
    • Taking the ‘Fit to supply’ quiz to find out if your business is ready to develop and deliver tender contracts to the Queensland Government.  
    Email for feedback 

  • 20 July 2023 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    QSEC introduced HELP Enterprises (QSEC member) to Blocktexx and we are delighted to hear about their new partnership.

    "Help Enterprises and BlockTexx have joined forces to create new jobs for people with disability and divert textile waste from landfill. Following a successful trial period, HELP is now working with BlockTexx to take unwanted textiles from Australian organisations and convert them to new resources for the building, infrastructure, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors.

    This innovative initiative demonstrates the power of social enterprises in driving positive change on multiple fronts."

    Read more here.

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