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  • 13 January 2021 2:51 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Social enterprises want to be included in Australia's post-COVID-19 recovery

    "It's really important that social enterprise is part of that bounce back in the economy," said Mike McKinstry, chief of Social Traders, an organisation that connects social enterprises with businesses and governments.

    "We've got to make sure that what we don't do is leave that cohort of people behind because they're the hardest to find a job."

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  • 17 December 2020 3:45 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)
    Please note: The QSEC office will close over the Christmas break starting Friday 18 December and we will reopen 11 January 2021.

    We thank you for all of your support this year.  We appreciate you all!!

  • 16 December 2020 4:15 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Media Release 16 December 2020

    Record $8 Million Funding for Queensland’s social enterprise sector
    The Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) President Richard Warner welcomed the Queensland Government’s $8 million commitment to assist the creation of jobs for vulnerable Queenslanders, announced through the Queensland Budget.

    “Over the coming two years the Queensland Government will work to develop the market and foster strong and vibrant social enterprises across the state,”  stated Di Farmer MP (Minister for Employment and Small Business).


  • 16 December 2020 4:14 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 annual report of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC).

    This report is a summary of the year’s activity from July 2019 until June 2020.  We are excited about the direction of the organisation and also the growth and growing awareness of our sector.

  • 14 December 2020 9:06 AM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Social Enterprise Sector Submission

    This submission outlines six core initiatives that will deliver on the Queensland State Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2019. The social enterprise (SE) sector, led by the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC), will drive outcomes that support the Queensland State Government’s current and emerging priorities, particularly in the areas of economic and social advancement. This submission has been prepared following extensive consultation with the SE sector in Queensland.


  • 10 December 2020 3:04 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Welcome to the new 2021 QSEC Board of Directors.

    We're so grateful you have stepped up and taken the helm.  We can't wait to work with you.

    Read the profiles of our new Board members here.

    Meet the new Board

  • 10 December 2020 3:02 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Last night at the AGM, we farewelled Emma-Kate Rose as QSEC president for the past three years and Welcomed one of QSEC's founding members, Richard Warner into the chair. 

    Thanks to EK's leadership, QSEC has grown from strength to strength, and we thank her and our whole team for their vision and guidance. 
    We also farewelled Jerome Walker as Secretary and welcome new board members Dr Crystal Willams and Anne-Marie Walton. We are incredibly grateful to our current board members who return to serve: David Toohey as treasurer, Gaala Watson as Vice President and Tony Sharp. 

    There will be an annual report circulated to members in coming days and a full list of the new board.

    Thanks to all members who participated.

  • 03 December 2020 4:06 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)
    The Phase 2 research report has now been released and you can check out the results here.
    Among the many findings, the latest study shows 40-45% of the sector are now often or always experiencing high levels of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm and 80% said that the existing (pre-pandemic) ways of working are partly to blame.
    Read Report Findings
  • 03 December 2020 4:05 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    Pulse of the For-Purpose Sector Report

    The Centre for Social Impact’s national Pulse of the For-Purpose Sector research program aims to provide insights into the effects of COVID-19 on the Australian for-purpose sector.
    Download the Report
  • 03 December 2020 4:03 PM | QSEC Admin (Administrator)

    The inaugural Social Enterprise Summit for Northern Australia (SESNA) 2020 digital event was held on Friday 6 November, bringing over 100 social enterprises and advocates together to discuss the challenges and opportunities emerging in Far North Queensland. QSEC was one of the proud sponsors and the events was so successful that the networks involved Social Enterprise of the Tropics, Impact North and StartUp & Innovation Tablelands have decided to make it a regular event. 

    You can now listen to the recordings for the sessions on the SESNA website

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