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Social Enterprise Australia (SEA) Federal Budget submission

15 February 2023 8:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Late last year, the Federal Government called for submissions on the next Federal Budget.

SEA's submission started with a question: what Federal investment is needed to help unlock the impact of social enterprise?, bringing people across the sector together to build an answer.

How was it developed?

Last year, the sector co-designed its mission - the areas of public impact it seeks to make and is well suited to. Another mapped the infrastructure needed to work together nationally.

Answering the question built on these foundations.

225 people registered to help do this. Of these, 88 participated in a survey, and 114 then participated in a facilitated discussion. During the discussion, drafts and suggested changes were all captured live by participants in Miro. These were reviewed, sorted, and cohered into the submission.

The goals of the submission were to:

  • Develop a coherent sector-wide response
  • Open up new conversations with the Federal Government

With this in mind, the submission was kept high-level, based on the areas of investment most participants agreed on.

What does it say, in short?

Australia faces social, environmental and economic challenges that demand new responses.

The social enterprise sector can help.

However, social enterprise sits between traditional business and charity, so many fall through the gaps in the supports that exist. It does the job of both without the enablers of either. As a result, it is not realising its potential.

The sector is seeking a social enterprise national strategy to change this; co-designed and powered by a partnership between the sector and Government.

This is challenge-led, focusing on national priorities where social enterprise can make a big contribution.

Key to the strategy is verified data and certification. Dependent on these things, social procurement, access to finance, outcome payments, and capability building all play a part.

The full submission is here.

While a Government process prompted this work, and at speed, this submission started our work together to shape the sector's ask of the Federal Government. Further conversations will be scheduled to build further on the national strategy in the months ahead.

More details; https://socialenterpriseaustralia.org.au/

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