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COVID Business Relief Grants Briefing: Q&A with Minister Di Farmer

04 August 2021 5:17 PM | Anonymous

Wednesday 4 August Small Business, Employment and Training Minister Di Farmer met with QSEC members and Social enterprises to understand the recent COVID Business Relief packages.

Click here for QLD Business Grant details 

Upcoming Regional Business Grants (amended COVID Adaption Grant)

DESBT Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support: 1300 654 687

Q: How do businesses demonstrate the 30% downturn and from what period? 

A: Businesses will be provided an accounting template to fill out to demonstrate comparable periods through the application process. There will be some commonsense flexibility in the timeframes, and an expectation that this can be verified by an accountant or responsible third party. The Department is encouraging businesses to call their hotline to discuss their situation if there is any doubt. 

Q: Are NFP and For Profits eligible to apply?

A: Yes as long as the meet the criteria for over $75K turn over and under $10M payroll. Please contact the Department to discuss eligibility, and also check the Federal Govt COVID disaster payment details for other opportunities. 

Q: How long will the grant be open for? 

A: At this stage the grant will be open for 3 months and there will be adequate time for applicants to respond. This will also allow for those businesses with anticipated longer lead times in their supply chain (30- 60 day terms) that may have delayed impact to apply for relief. There is $260M allocated to this fund to accomodate a volume of eligible businesses. 

Q: Will support sessions for people with language or cultural barriers be provided for the application process? 

A: The Department is working through aspects of additional support through the business hotline.  

Q: Is this a one-off payment?

A: At this stage, yes. Reviews will take place as required.  

Q: How is the government addressing concerns for micro-businesses and sole traders. 

A: This grant is specifically for employing businesses. Please check the Services Australia COVID Disaster payments for eligibility. 

Q: How are the grants distributed between SEQ and Regional areas. 

A: There are TWO grants available currently. The Business Basic grant (for Regional businesses) and the Covid Business Relief Grant (for businesses across QLD who have been impacted by COVID by at least a 30% downturn). Visit the Business Website to look at the guidelines for both. 

For more information and to listen to the Minister's Briefing in full please make sure you have JOINED QSEC and visit the Grants Page on the Member Forum.

QSEC members are also able to access FREE HR support from CCIQ until Sunday 8 August 2021. Members will be sent the details in correspondence via their profile emails. 

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