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The Darling Downs and South-West has a vibrant and emerging Social Enterprise community. We have a newly formed Social Enterprise Network, established to support the development and growth of social enterprises in the Darling Downs and South-West Region, to solve problems through innovation and collaboration.

So if you are an existing social enterprise or are interested in starting one, please reach out to us.

Regional Champion: Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor has been at Vanguard Laundry since August 2020, currently in the Head of People and Culture. In this position, she shapes and drives the overall people strategy and culture within the organisation. Additionally, Kate coordinates the Social Impact Program at Vanguard Laundry, where she recruits individuals from socially disadvantaged backgrounds within the community, providing them with the necessary development opportunities to transition into the open job market. Since January 2022, she has also served as the QSEC Regional Activator for Darling Downs and Southwest QLD, successfully organizing two events with over 100 attendees total, helping the local community gain a better understanding of Social Enterprise and how they can support their local social enterprise community. Kate also played a crucial role in hosting the 2022 Social Enterprise World Forum rural bus tour to Darling Downs in collaboration with Whitebox Enterprises. Her continuous efforts revolve around creating a community of like-minded individuals.

For any enquiries, please contact Kate at kate@vanguardlaundry.com.au.

Upcoming events in this Region

  • No upcoming events

Networks in this Region

  • Social Enterprise Network Toowoomba
Network Leader - Tiffany Spary, BASE Services - tiff@baseservices.com.au

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